2017-2018 Lesson 23: Kimberly Burgering-Jacobs

Kim and I had a Skype lesson today. We worked on “Achoo” sneeze exercise for placement of vowels and consonants to keep her voice from dropping and blowing air. Onset exercises continue to help.  

talked more about facial engagement and technique as it relates to emotion   Watch video of Lea Salonga, les mis 

Practice all exercises on blog videos and “Achoo” before working on songs for recital. 

2017-18 Kim Voice Lesson 2/33

Warm up routine:

  • lip trills down
  • [u] as in "hoot" up
  • Belt - middle low on [i] as in feet and [e] as in hey - think buzz and focus
  • If you feel tense I your throat use the jaw wiggle to loosen up


As you like it

  • old man voices experiment

The drowsy chaperone

  • being the music and bring a photocopy of any of your music for me
  • I will listen to the show this week

Repertoire for concert:


Drowsy chaperone songs

It's a quiet thing

I could have danced all night

Duet - As Long as You are mine from Wicked

Look at Laurie's songs, / out of my dreams

Look at Maria von trap - favorite things - 16 going 17 / climb every mountain