207-2018 Lesson 15

1. Warm-up/technique. Focus on keeping your finger ROUND, you will need this for “Prelude No. 9”! Keep your thumb on the blue star sticker.

2. Sight reading: exercises 16 and 17. Pick one each time you practice.

3. Rhythm book. Exercises 1, 2 and 3. “Ta-ah and Tap” . Look if the note goes for 1, 2, 3 or 4 beats!

4. Repertoire: “Prelude No. 9” practice the exercise for the right hand first and then play the first and second line of the music. You add the first finger to the Do and keep the same right hand pattern. Second line, add the finger 2 to the la.

Its OK if the music or the note doesn’t sound as you wish at first. This is practice! You are allowed to make mistakes! Feeling angry and frustrated because of a simple sound it’s really bad. And you shouldn’t be allowed to feel this way about improoving yourself! :D :D :D