2017-2018 Lesson 8: Emma Chen

Notes & Makeups

  1. Dustin cancelled November 1st. Needs makeup. 

Performance Class

  1. Sunday, November 19th at the DiMenna Center. Play assessment pieces.


  1. Technical Requirements Handout: Level 2

    1. PREPARE: all pages!
      1. Keep your wrist up when you do the Tonic Triads - broken. 
      2. B-flat Major and G Minor need more work. Play further into the black keys and keep your right shoulder down. 
  2. Hanon No 1 (no assignment)

    1. Hands together with tidy attacks.
    2. Wrists up. 
    3. Don't pull on the keys


  1. Menuetto in C Major by W.A. Mozart (L.2 List A)

    1. Fix all purple pen. 
  2. Ladies in Waiting by William Gillock (L.2 Etude)

    1. Work up to m.m. 69, 4 notes per tic. 

    2. Keep everything smooth - there are long phrase marks everywhere!  

  3. Periwinkle Twinkle by Anne Crosby Gaudet (L.2 List B)

    1. Work up to m.m. 88
    2. Memorize for your next lesson!  
  4. Invention in A Minor by Frederick Silverster (L.2 List C)

    1. Keep your LH wrist up and fingers curved.
    2. Sounding better! Fix your mistakes when you memorize it. 
    3. Work up to m.m. 132!    
  5. Invention in C Major by Renée Christopher (L.2 List C)

    1. Memorize this!

REVIEW (once a week WITH your music) 

  1. Sonatina Op. 20 No. 1 by Friedrich Kuhlau: Movements 1 and 2
  2. GEORGE, JON: Relay Race (10/11)
    1. Work on speed a little!
  3. DANIEL GOTTLOB, TURK: The Ballet (10/4)

  5. Frere Jacques Stands on His Head by Clifford Poole
  6. Sonatina Op. 20 No. 1 by Friedrich Kuhlau


  1. Musicianship Handout: Level 2: Set 7

    1. Do one "day" each practice session. Remember how to sightread?
      1. Focus this week is DYNAMICS AND A BIT SLOWER.
  2. Playbacks:

    1. Practice with the audio recording below!

READING (no assignment)

  1. Celebrate Piano! Lesson & Musicianship 1B

    1. Sight-read Prepare: 70, 73, 74, 75 and 78-79
    2. Treat these as sight-reading assignments so if you make a mistake, don't stop. Only stop at the end and then fix the mistakes in your mind before you try again! :)