2017-2018 Lesson 13: Luke Jow

Please remember to do Blue Note

Notes & Makeups


  1. Blue Note - 10 Correct in Under:

    1. Treble Clef: Level 4: LETTERS: beat your personal best time of 43 seconds (20 is goal!)
    2. Treble Clef: Level 4: SOLFEGE: beat your personal best time of 34 seconds (20 is goal)
    3. Bass Clef: Level 3: LETTER: (20 is goal) 
    4. Bass Clef: Level 3: SOLFEGE: (20 is goal)


  1. Arabesque Op. 100 No. 2 by Burgmuller

    1. All 16th note figures: "drop - pop" technique
      1. Step 1: drop into the first note with the weight of your arm
      2. Sept 2: pop up from the last note of the figure with fingers like willow tree
  2. Musette by Felix le Couppey

    1. mm. 2-End - count. Be sure that your half notes aren't too long.
    2. Fix all other pink pen in the RH
    3. Add the LH by practicing in small chunks.   
  3. Chopin Prelude

    1. Focus on taking apart LH and the "raindrop" RH of the middle section. DON't do more than 8 measures.