2017-2018 Lesson 18: Luke Jow

Only practice Burgmuller until Sunday. Review Chopin once a day as well. Start your other assignments after Sunday.


Notes & Makeups

Lesson Assignments:

  1. Arabesque Op. 100 No. 2 by Burgmuller

    1. See the blue pen in your new practice chart.  
  2. Musette by Felix le Couppey

    1. mm. 2-End - count. Be sure that your half notes aren't too long.
    2. Fix all other pink pen in the RH
    3. Add the LH by practicing in small chunks.   
  3. Chopin Prelude

    1. Clean pedaling in m. 63
    2. mm. 60 - 67 - clean pedaling by holding your LH notes here appropriate. 
    3. Heel on the floor when you pedal
    4. Learn the last page -  as much as possible.