2017-2018 Lesson 16

1. Technique: Make up an exercise from the piece you are learning. Hammer-on and pull-off from open string. 

2. Almand. Don’t repeat fingers. Practice I’m even smaller sections. SLOW.  

3. Keep playing the Brower 3 studies. 

2018-2019 Lesson 7

1. Warm-up/Technique

2. Brower studies. No. 1, practice the connection from B back to A. Careful with the rhythm. Give the bass notes the proper accent. TAKE CARE OF YOUR NAILS! No. 2 careful with the rhythm. Last part is the easiest. Be sure to play from beginning to end by next week. 

3. “Allegreto”, practice in a tempo that you know you will play every note well.  

4. Keep playing Prelude In C

5. Think of a pop song you’d like to play. 

2018-2019 Lesson 6

1. Warm-up/Technique: play 2 consecutive strings and add fingers on the left hand gradually on the bottom string. 

2. No repeating right fingers on “Prelude” and fix right hand fingers on “Allegro”. 

3. Keep working the first study. Memory! Read and learn the second study. 

2018-2019 Lesson 4

1. Warm-up/Technique

2. “Allegretto”, keep practicing speed! Always stays ahead in your head. 

3. “Prelude in C”  record yourself!

4. Brower study 1, work on speed as you learn the notes. Memory will come with it. 

2018-2019 Lesson 1

 - Let’s get to a routine of practice and find productive ways to accomplish your goals. Today we spent some 15min very productive time on the Prelude, tackling the part that needed most work. Perhaps start with the end.

- File your nails regularly! Follow the drowning on the back of your paper.

- Start learning the Brower study no. 1

2017-2018 Lesson 33

1. Technique: hammer-ons on pull-off with holding a finger down. You have 12 combinations of exercises for each string. 

2. “Prelude in C”, keep working on the last part and fix the notes and fingers on the first 2 big phrases.  

3. “Allegretto”, mute the string with the flesh and when needed. Legato!