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C major scale

  • practice this scale a few times as a warm up. Make sure to press down with the fingertips and try not to bunch up your fingers

Merry Men

  • practice in groups of four bars, trying to get each group perfectly three times in a row. Use a metronome tempo of around 48 (Ho slower if need be)

read the rest of twinkle little star for practice.


  • work on the checked chords. For the more difficult chords, just play the first three strings of the chord.

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Merry Men

great job so far. Practice in one or two measures at a time, going slowly and playing the correct rhythms. Using a metronome can help with keeping time.

C Major scale - practice playing ascending and descending to improve your coordination.

Remember to always press down with the tips of your fingers, just to the left of the fret. Left hand fingernails must be kept short.

You may start to learn notes on the third string of you have time.

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Review parts of the guitar

watch pick grip - remember to hold it with your thumb and the side of your index finger

go over notes on the first string, and work on First String Etude.