2017-2018 Lesson 5: Manu Priego

 Notes & Makeups

  1. Do makeup for lesson missed on October 7th. Dustin away.

Lesson Instructions: 

Hi Manu! Follow the lesson outline in the photo below and also see the additional instructions here:

Phone Games!

  1. Play Treble Cat for 5 Minutes


  1. Complete the "staff" section of your theory homework! Pages 9-11. Pages are marked 10/22. The idea is to understand that notes can go ON the lines or IN the spaces

Solos 1

  1. Frog Hop
  2. Learn the first section marked 10/22. Notice at the top when it switched from three-note clusters to two-note clusters, it stays in the RH and goes down I stead of up!

Recital Pieces

  1. Practice your recital piece by bowing first and then sitting at the keyboard with your hands in your lap. Then play! Now it’s time to now again!