2017-2018 Lesson 11 & 12: Manu Priego

Notes & Makeups

  1. December 9 and 16 lessons into same blog

Phone Games!

  1. Blue Note: Swipe RIGHT to get to the keyboard section of this app. Say the names of the notes as you press the letter. Get 10 correct for every practice session. Remember the dog house (two black key set) helps us remember where D is.


  1. ODE TO JOY! 
  2.  Point to the notes on your scroll and say the names of the notes out loud.  
  3.  Remember our new rule for this piece? We use two hands. There are new markings in your scroll that tell you where to put your fingers!  
  4.  Be able to play this with a steady beat so we can be a good team at your next lesson  

Lesson & Musicianship 1A

  1. Review Raindrops and Call of the Drum
  2. PREPARE: page 12! Keep the bubble
  3. if you finish page 12, move on to “Ants go Marching!” 

Solos 1

  1. No Assignment