2017-2018 Lesson 18: Manu Priego

Lesson Assignments!

  1. Ode to Joy Part 4!

    1. D     D     E     C     D     E  F  E     C     D     E  F  E     D     C     D     G
  2. Lesson & Musicianship 1A: Page 17

    1. Follow the practice instructions on the page! This is very important for Manu's progress as he moves through the book.
  3. Piano Keys Flashcards

    1. Level 1: place them on the music stand and say & play the note.  
      1. Remember: the SHARP (#) moves the note up by ONE note. The FLAT moves the note down one note. 
  4. Treasure Hunt the items in your bag, or just pull them out!