2017-2018 Lesson 22: Manu Priego

Lesson Assignments!

  1. Ode to Joy Part 4

    1. Can you play this with wrists up and shoulders down? Think of two heavy cats on your shoulders to keep them down and strings tied to you wrists as the cats pull them up!
  2. Au Clair de la Lune

    1. Careful to play the last line with the correct fingering.
  3. Piano Blind Man Video

    1. NEW ASSIGNMENT! Teach someone how to find Franny F! It's to the Left of the three set! Have them close their eyes and teach them how to find F by feeling the black keys. 
    2. Teach your mom or dad (or your brother!) how to find C, D and E on the keyboard by using the black keys!
  4. Lesson & Musicianship 1A: Page 20

    1. Try to pass off this page next week by keeping a steady beat between your hand position shifts!
  5. Lesson & Musicianship 1A: Page 21

    1. Follow the instructions and do both exercises!