2017-2018 Lesson 3: Christopher Cchaaf

*Joy cancelled Monday's lessons due to Christopher being sick.


  1. No Assignment


  1. Sight Reading Book

    1. No Assignment
  2. Piano Adventures Primer Level

    1. Prepare pages. 64-65. 
  3. Czerny Op. 823 (no assignment)


  1. Staff Paper Assignment

    1. See your assignment in your staff book.
  2. Major Pentascale

    1. Starting Note, Whole Step, Whole Step, Half Step, Whole Step
  3. Minor Pentascale

    1. Starting Note, Whole Step, Half Step, Whole Step, Whole Step

    1. Follow the instructions in your staff paper under the 9/11/17 page.
    2. Follow the 9/20 assignment as well 


  1. German Dance in D Major by Haydn

    1. Learn the first 8 measures hands alone
      1. Tah the rhythm and clap the pulse / beat.
      2. Look out for fingering and your F and C sharps! 
  2. Gremlins

    1. Improvisational Playing: Changing the octave (register)
  3. YouTube Piece

REVIEW (review once a week with your music!)

  1. Rainbow Fish 
  2. Gremlins