2017-2018 Lesson 18: Christopher Schaaf

Performance Class: Feb 11, 2018

  1. Let's Waltz
  2. Rainbow Fish  
  3. Sleigh Bells

Notes & Makeups.


Lesson Assignments

  1. Theory: Unit 2

    1. Prepare pages 28 to the end. 
  2. Sleigh Bells (Prep.A)

    1. Prepare for performance Class
    2. I would love to hear a HUGE contrast in your f dynamic level and the p level at the end.  
  3. Let's Waltz (Prep.A)

    1. Review for Performance Class
  4. Andante in G Minor (L. 1)

    1. Make a small practice goal for the day and use your NFRPE chart that I emailed your mom!
  5. Rainbow Fish

    1. Before you begin, prepare your pedal
    2. Think about the soft sound you want to create! 
    3. At the end of your piece, keep your hands on the keyboard and your foot with the pedal down - listen to the sound fade away (probably about 5-10 seconds) and then gently lift your hand and foot off the keyboard and pedal. 
    4. Put your hands in your lap and get in the mood to start your next piece! 
  6. Piano Adventures: Level 1 Sight Reading Book (no assignment)

    1. SIGHT-READ PREPARE: pages 70-74
  7. Piano Adventures: Level 1 Performance Book (no assignment)

REVIEW (review once a week with your music!)

  1. German Dance in D Major 
  2. Rainbow Fish 
  3. Gremlins