2018-2019 Lesson 4: Christopher Schaaf

Lesson Assignments

  1. A Song by Gedike

    1. Listen to your piece through the video!

  2. Dream Journey

    1. Write NFRP or E as needed on each system. Practice each letter, one at a time until you feel confident you can erase it!

  3. Staff Paper

    1. Write down the melody of your piece in D minor.

    2. D, E, F, D, G, F, E, F, D, E, F, D, E, C-sharp

On Hold:

  1. Piano Adventures: Level 1 Sight Reading Book

    1. SIGHT-READ PREPARE: After page 74

  2. Theory: Unit 3

    1. FINISH pages 32-34

  3. Piano Adventures: Level 1 Performance Book (no assignment)

REVIEW (review once a week with your music!)

  1. Let's Waltz

  2. Sleigh Bells

  3. German Dance in D Major

  4. Rainbow Fish

  5. Gremlins