2018-2019 Lesson 5: Christopher Schaaf

Lesson Assignments

  1. A Song by Gedike

    1. Watch your practice video for instructions on the “drop and pop” wrist.

    2. Follow the NFRPE instructions in your music

  2. Dream Journey

    1. Review!

  3. Staff Paper

    1. Write down the melody of your piece in D minor.

    2. D, E, F, D, G, F, E, F, D, E, F, D, E, C-sharp

On Hold:

  1. Piano Adventures: Level 1 Sight Reading Book

    1. SIGHT-READ PREPARE: After page 74

  2. Theory: Unit 3

    1. FINISH pages 32-34

  3. Piano Adventures: Level 1 Performance Book (no assignment)

REVIEW (review once a week with your music!)

  1. Let's Waltz

  2. Sleigh Bells

  3. German Dance in D Major

  4. Rainbow Fish

  5. Gremlins