17-18 Gabe Voice Lesson 4

1.. Write one paragraph about the concert. What did you like? When were you bored? How would you describe the music?


2. Continue paying attention to how your voice feels after using it in different ways.  

3. Sing the Bach and Kangaroo song on lip trills and "oo" vowel 


4. Play the lower line of the Purcell duet with your left hand to begin learning it.  

17-18 - Gabriel Wainberg-Wolski Voice Lesson 2/33

Again, Gabe has excellent innate musical sense of rhythm, pitch and vowel and is very quick to pick up on concepts.  

Vocal exercises:

  • Breathy tone / full tone - on an [u] vowel, like "hoot" in mid range go back and forth between breathy tone and full tone to become more aware of the difference
  • do lip trill scales from do to so  


Next week bring choir music:

  • Kangaroo
  • Bach

I will bring a few duets that Leo and Gabe can work on indoenedenty and then put together.  


Continue daily awareness of your voice

  • write two sentences each day about how you use your voice. How does it feel - scratchy, smooth, hoarse, strong? What did you do to make it feel that way?


17-18 Gabriel Voice Lesson 1/33

Great first lesson! 


Gabe has a spot on sense of pitch and already shows a rhythmic sense. His vowels are also well defined - ipressively so!


- singing three note scale pattern (do re mi) - no higher than D - on an "oh" vowel. Focus on gentle singing without pushing or scratchyness in the throat.  


Daily Awareness

- Pay attention to how you speak - is it scratchy in your throat or smooth? Go for smooth.  

- try not to shout or yell!