17-18 - Gabriel Wainberg-Wolski Voice Lesson 2/33

Again, Gabe has excellent innate musical sense of rhythm, pitch and vowel and is very quick to pick up on concepts.  

Vocal exercises:

  • Breathy tone / full tone - on an [u] vowel, like "hoot" in mid range go back and forth between breathy tone and full tone to become more aware of the difference
  • do lip trill scales from do to so  


Next week bring choir music:

  • Kangaroo
  • Bach

I will bring a few duets that Leo and Gabe can work on indoenedenty and then put together.  


Continue daily awareness of your voice

  • write two sentences each day about how you use your voice. How does it feel - scratchy, smooth, hoarse, strong? What did you do to make it feel that way?