17-18 Leo Voice Lesson 4

1. Write one paragraph about the concert. What did you like? When were you bored? How would you describe the music?


2. Continue this warm up regimens

  1. Begin practice with lip trills
  2. thinknabout your breath - its. It an emergency breath, just one calm inhalation. 
  3. After lip trills. I've to "you you you" or "no no no" on do mi sol arpeggios starting in D major and going to B flat major (high note f)
  4. start back down in your lower range and do 5 note scales - do to sol on the syllable "yo"  THINK OF THR YAWN STRETCH AS YOU HO HIGHER.  You can take this to a high A, but if you start to feel you are squeeazjng, pause do a relaxed one in a mid range and then go back up.
  5. We will practice this sequence next lesson, but you are ready for it!

3. Learn the REAL notes of lion King to the end.

  • Watch for the key changes.
  • Be able to tell me what key each section is in
  • Sing the words I character  
  • Do not listen to the recording yet


4. Play the top line of the Purcell duet with your right hand on the piano. Pay attention to the rhythm