2018-2019 Lesson 12

1. Warm-u/Technique: Pick 2 strings and alternate your fingers between them.

2. “A Simple a Dialogue”, practice in small parts and put them together. Practice part “A” and first line of Part “B” 

2018-2019 Lesson 2

1. Warm-up/Technique: Keep right thumb on the string above!

2. “Star Spangled Banner”, practice each phrase with the right Notes/Rhythm/FINGERS!!! Practice the repeat so we can learn more of it next week! 

2017-2018 Lesson 30

Perfecting our pieces. 

Texhnique: keep your thumb on the stickers for each song. “With Steady hands” we put it on the green sticker! (2nd position).

”Song of the Wind”, go SLOW. Don’t repeat fingers and make it sound good! 



2017-2018 Lesson 28

1. Technique/Warm-up: on second position! Don’t repeat Right hand Fingers!

2. “With Steady Hands”, use the video your mom made and practice a steady rhythm. Green and black parts. 

3. Keep playing “Song of the Wind” and “Boston Bruins Song”. Are you repeating Right Hand Fingers? 

2017-2018 Lesson 27

RULE: Don’t repeat Right Hand Fingers!

1. Technique-Warm-up: play it on 1st AND 2nd position (thumb on the blue sticker).  

2. For both “Song of the Wind” and “Boston Bruins” Practice NOT to repeat right hand fingers. That’s your goal this week.

It’s not that hard and you can always do it.