2017-2018 Lesson 6: Jenny Wang

Notes & Makeups

  1. Dustin - order Solo's 2

  2. Lesson and Musicianship assignment was not completed for the third week in-a-row. Please see below.!

  3. *Jenny sick 10/2 - use makeup week or reschedule 

Performance Class

  1. Sunday, November 19th at the DiMenna Center for Classical Music.
    1. Far Away
    2. Etude in C?


  1. Hanon No. 1

    1. Please have the following goals completed for next week. This Hanon was so much better this week!
      2. LH WRIST UP


  1. *Far Away by Teresa Richert (L. 1 Etude) - (on loan from Dustin)

    1. Review one time a day with your music
    2. Play in performance class! 
  2. *Etude in C Major by FĂ©lix Le Couppey (L. 1 Etude)

    1. Review once a day with your music. I'd like you to play this in performance class!  
  3. Celebration by Anne Crosby Gaudet (L. 1 Etude)

    1. Fix the notes and fingering so that there are no mistakes in measures 8-12.
    2. Use your speed building practice chart to slowly build up your tempo (complete the chart on your own and call me with any questions!)  
  4. A Swinging Leprechaun by Mike Schoenmehl (L. 1 Etude)

  5. *Hopscotch by Boris Berlin (L. 1 Etude)

    1. Fix all of your f-sharps! 
    2. Be able to play beginning to end hands alone at m.m. 72. with no stops. :)



    1. REDO: 36-37. This is still not correct. How are you going to make sure that this is correct for your next lesson?
    2. PREPARE: 42-43
      1. Try to have these ready to pass off on the first try! :)
  2. SOLOS 2 - (no assignment)

  3. CZERNY No. 8

    1. Work up to mm. 60 per dotted-quarter note
    2. LH wrist moving forward on each chord
    3. Improvisation next week.
  4. BARTOK (no assignment)

    1. Left off at No. 6


  1. ***Basic Rhythmic Training

    1. REDO: No. 60 - clap the missing subdivisions. 
      1. Call me if you forget how to do it. 
    2. PREPARE: No. 61 - compose in the style of 60.
  2. Prep B: Set 7 - (no assignment

  3. Solfege - (no assignment)

    1. Chapter 8 - left off

    **REVIEW - once a week with your music

    1. Distant Chimes by Jon George
    2. Gavotte in C by Telemann
    3. Pantomime by Faber
    4. Curious Cat by Teresa Richert (Prep A)
    5. Baby Kangaroo
    6. Teeter-Totter by Dale Reubart (Prep A)
    7. Dmitri Kabalevsky: Marching Op. 39 No. 3 (Prep A)
    8. Let's Waltz by Elvina Pearce (Prep A)

      THEORY (no assignment)

      1.  Music Theory for Young Children 3 (no assignment)

        1. Left off at page 34 (scale theory)