2017-2018 Lesson 4: Jenny Wang


*Jenny sick 10/2 - use makeup week or reschedule 


  1. *Hanon No. 1

    1. Please have the following goals completed for next week. This Hanon was so much better this week!
      1. LEAN FORWARD slightly. 
      2. TIDY ATTACKS! - make sure that both hands play at exactly the same time so we hear ONE attack, not two. 


  1. Far Away by Teresa Richert (L. 1 Etude) - (on loan from Dustin)

    1. mm. 5-6 don't slow down too soon! Make this gradual. 
    2. m. 7 - go back to your normal tempo but don't make it too loud. 
    3. Pass off next week with the above fixed. 
  2. *Etude in C Major by FĂ©lix Le Couppey (L. 1 Etude)

    2. How did we practice this today?! Start small and get bigger! Start with the small spot that needs work and gradually expand the spot section until you can play the entire piece correctly!  
  3. Celebration by Anne Crosby Gaudet (L. 1 Etude)

    1. Hands together to the end at one steady slow beat. Try not to have any pauses. 
  4. A Swinging Leprechaun by Mike Schoenmehl (L. 1 Etude)

  5. Hopscotch by Boris Berlin (L. 1 Etude)

    1. Start learning hands alone! Have fun with this but be careful that you look at which hands play which notes! :)



    1. PREPARE: 36-37, 39-40
      1. Try to have these ready to pass off on the first try! :)
  2. SOLOS 2 - (no assignment)

  3. CZERNY No. 8

    1. learn! 
  4. BARTOK (no assignment)

    1. Left off at No. 6


  1. *Basic Rhythmic Training

    1. REDO: No. 60 - clap the missing subdivisions. 
      1. Call me if you forget how to do it. 
    2. PREPARE: No. 61 - compose in the style of 60.
  2. Prep B: Set 7 - (no assignment

  3. Solfege - (no assignment)

    1. Chapter 8 - left off

    *REVIEW - once a week with your music

    1. Distant Chimes by Jon George
    2. Gavotte in C by Telemann
    3. Pantomime by Faber
    4. Curious Cat by Teresa Richert (Prep A)
    5. Baby Kangaroo
    6. Teeter-Totter by Dale Reubart (Prep A)
    7. Dmitri Kabalevsky: Marching Op. 39 No. 3 (Prep A)
    8. Let's Waltz by Elvina Pearce (Prep A)

      THEORY (no assignment)

      1.  Music Theory for Young Children 3 (no assignment)

        1. Left off at page 34 (scale theory)