2017-2018 - Lesson 2 - Dashiell

1. Warm-up/Technique: Pick one string and play it four times alternating index and middle finger on the right hand. Place finger 1 round and with fingertips and play four times. Repeat for fingers 2, 3 and 4 and "walk" back fingers 3, 2, 1 and finish on the open string.

2. Repertoire: "Prelude No. 9"- Avoid "holes" in the music by preparing your finger ahead of time! Don't speed up at the end, slow down as the music reaches the end. "Exercise 13" - It will be best to pay attention to your RIGHT HAND fingers and avoid repeating fingers. Play FREE STROKE (not rest stroke).  "Sicilienne" Practice the first and second line. Read the notes carefully and pay attention to the fingers from BOTH hands! Fix the first line right hand fingers.