2019 Lesson 1 of 5 (August 5, 2019)


Maya and I worked on her breath support today. We talked about what it means to breathe all the way into her toes. We also sang through her high range (she sang all the way to a high-d!)


Maya and I reviewed “What it Means to be a Friend” and worked on the higher “belty sections.” We talked about singing on the air and not pushing!

Repertoire Assignment

Maya-please listen to as many versions of “Das Veilchen” (Mozart) that you can find online! I want to work on this when I see you next and want you to have the tune in your ear.

So good to see you!

2018-2019 Lesson 14 (6/11/2019)


Today Maya and I worked on approaching the top of her voice in today’s warm ups. We talked about not lifting out of her spine, while simultaneously dropping her jaw.


Maya and I sang through “What it Means to Be a Friend,” which I hope she can sing for people this summer as she travels!

Repertoire Selection

I asked Maya if she would listen to Mozart’s “Das Veilchen” while we are taking a break from lessons the next couple weeks, so that we can start working it into her voice when we get back from traveling.

More to come…

Please stay tuned for another blog post with “Summer Music Listening” suggestions.

2018-2019 Lesson 13 (6/7/2019)

Maya and I worked on the song for her final recital today! We are working on Jason Robert Brown’s “What it Means to be a Friend.” We are working on Maya’s diction and connection to the text in this song. We re-wrote some of the lyrics as an exercise to keep her feeling like every sentence feels “real” to her. Great work Maya!

2018-2019 Lesson 12 (5/28/2019)

Maya and I prepped for her RCM exam today! A couple things to remember for Friday:

  1. While you sing through your songs for the judges, keep your eyes alive and smiling! It will keep your sound present and audience engaged in what you’re saying!

  2. Practice keeping your rib cage up and proud! You can practice this at home by lifting your hands to your shoulder level while singing!

  3. Please Review major arpeggios (Do-Mi-Sol-Mi-Do)

  4. Please review hearing/singing octaves! Remember the tune for octaves is “Somewhere over the Rainbow!”

You’re going to be great, Maya!

2018-2019 Lesson 7 (4/18/2019)

Today Maya and I worked on her aural skills for her RCM examination in May.

*Aural Skills and Theory assignment for the week:

Please practice the sight-singing exercises that I gave you. Look for exercises that do not start on “Do,” but rather “mi” and “sol.” Practice by only allowing yourself to hear “do” on the piano, and then finding “Mi” and “Sol” from “Do.”

Maya and I also worked on her Italian pronunciation for “Ma bella bimba.” She can refer to the video below as she begins to practice this song.

2018-2019 Lesson 5 (4/2/2019)

Today for Vocal Technique, Maya and I practiced keeping her shoulders relaxed during inhales and exhales. We also talked about her “sigh/cry” sound, taking full breaths, and making sure that she doesn’t push her voice to a tiny place in the front of her mouth.

For music theory, I gave Maya some pages for sight singing, which I encouraged her to practice with solfege and conducting throughout the week. We are also doing a lot of interval ear training work. Maya is able to recognize minor 3rds, major 3rds, perfect 4th, and octaves!