2018-2019 Lesson 7 (4/18/2019)

Today Maya and I worked on her aural skills for her RCM examination in May.

*Aural Skills and Theory assignment for the week:

Please practice the sight-singing exercises that I gave you. Look for exercises that do not start on “Do,” but rather “mi” and “sol.” Practice by only allowing yourself to hear “do” on the piano, and then finding “Mi” and “Sol” from “Do.”

Maya and I also worked on her Italian pronunciation for “Ma bella bimba.” She can refer to the video below as she begins to practice this song.

2018-2019 Lesson 5 (4/2/2019)

Today for Vocal Technique, Maya and I practiced keeping her shoulders relaxed during inhales and exhales. We also talked about her “sigh/cry” sound, taking full breaths, and making sure that she doesn’t push her voice to a tiny place in the front of her mouth.

For music theory, I gave Maya some pages for sight singing, which I encouraged her to practice with solfege and conducting throughout the week. We are also doing a lot of interval ear training work. Maya is able to recognize minor 3rds, major 3rds, perfect 4th, and octaves!