2017-2018 Lesson 6: Abigail Chen



    1. Level 2: Set 6

      1. Before you begin ANY of the exercises, put your hands in your lap and do the full exercise in your head! 


  1. Technical Requirements Handout: Level 2

    1. Each page should take approx. 3-6 min each. 
    2. If there are mistakes with fingering or notes, please do it three times in-a-row correctly
    3. No more than 20 min on technique each practice session. If you don't finish everything, mark where you left off and pick up there the next day. Continue to rotate your technique for the rest of the week. At least 5 practice sessions. 
      1. Page 9 - Contrary Motion Scales: prepare at m.m. 76, one note-per-tic. Keep wrists up.
      2. Page 9 - no see-saw wrists.
      3. Pages 10-12 - learn
  2. Hanon No. 1 (no assignment)

    1. Hands together now at m.m. 126, one note per beat
      1. RH - don't slide on finger 4. Rounder fingers please!
      2. Tidy Attacks. Please be sure that both RH and LH play at the exact same time. 


  1. Quiet Lagoon by Jon George (List B)

    1. Pedal using the ball of your foot - not your toes! 
    2. Hands together for next week - very slow tempo. Try to get all of your dynamics if possible but focus more on being able to play it without any pauses. 
  2. Ecossaise in G Major by L. V. Beethoven (List A)

    1. RH - pay really close attention to ALL articulation markings! 
  3. *Jazz Invention No. 2 (L.2 List C)

    1. One - two measures at a time, put this hands together. You're holding the tie for too long. 
  4. *Canon by Cornelius Gurlitt (L.2 List C)

    1. Add all dynamics  
  5. *The Highlands by Christopher Norton (L.2 Etude)

    1. To the end hands together. 
  6. *REVIEW - once a week

    1. Sonatina in C Major Op. 36 No. 1

    2. CROSBY GAUDET, ANNE: Celebration - 9/27

    3. HAYDN, FRANZ JOSEPH: German Dance in D Major, Hob. IX:22 No. .2
    4. CROSBY GAUDET, ANNE: Angelfish
    5. Swirling Leaves by Gordon A. McKinnon
    6. Detectives (Etude: Level 1)
    7. Drifting Clouds by William GIllock (Etude: Level 1)

READING (no assignment)

  1. Celebrate Piano! Lesson & Musicianship 1B

    1. Sight-read Prepare: 63, 68-69, 70, 73, 74
    2. Treat these as sight-reading assignments so if you make a mistake, don't stop. Only stop at the end and then fix the mistakes in your mind before you try again! :)

THEORY (no assignment)

  1. Level 1: Unit 3 (start with Dustin at a later lesson)