2017-2018 Lesson 10: Abigail Chen

RCM Musicianship:

  1. Sight Reading: key signature wrong. too fast. 
  2. Rhythm: you rushed
  3. Playback: do recording
  4. Chords - good
  5. Intervals - good
  6. Clapback - do recoding

RCM Repertoire: 

  1. The Highlands by Christopher Nolan (Etude)
    1. what happened in the beginning? Practice playing two scales and then start the beginning of this piece. 
  2. Ecossaise in G Major by L. v. Beethoven (list A)
    1. The rhythm is missing and the articulation is not there. Review EVERYTHING in your music. 
  3. Canon by Cornelius Gurlitt (list C)
    1. Your tempo is all over the place. Practice playing the end of a different piece and then start this one with correct tempo. Three times. 
  4. Quiet Lagoon by Jon George (list B)
    1. spot between mm. 10-15. Five times a day.

RCM Technique:

  1. LH b-flat major needs work. Fingering!!!!!
  2. LH bl=-flat major scale - what happened? fingering? 
  3. you're not taking the time before you start! Say the name of the scale before you start. 
  4. Technique was a mess. 
  5. Untidy attacks in formula pattern.
  6. b-flat major broken chords: wrong notes.


Notes & Makeups

  1. Dustin cancelled November 1st. Needs makeup. 

Performance Class

  1. Sunday, November 19th, DiMenna Center, Cary Hall
  2. Play your RCM exam pieces. 



    1. Level 2: Set 8

      1. GO SLOWER! You don't need to go very fast with this.
    2. Clapbacks:

    3. Playbacks:

      1.  Practice with the audio clip from last lesson 8. 


  1. Technical Requirements Handout: Level 2

      1. THESE NEED LOTS OF WORK. Please do both C and G, three times correctly each day.
      2. Set the metronome to 60 and play these two notes per beat with tidy attacks, wrists up and fingers curved. How is your fingering? 
      1. These also need lots of work 
      2. Technique needs to be perfect on the first try. 
  2. Hanon No. 1 (no assignment)

    1. Hands together now at m.m. 126, one note per beat
      1. RH - don't slide on finger 4. Rounder fingers please!
      2. Tidy Attacks. Please be sure that both RH and LH play at the exact same time. 


  1. Quiet Lagoon by Jon George (List B)

    1. Left foot should not change when it's down. 
    2. No left pedal on forte sections. 
    3. RH should sound above the LH. It's still too quiet. 
    4. Memorize. 
  2. Ecossaise in G Major by L. V. Beethoven (List A)

    1. do the "DC al Fine" at the end! 
    2. RH needs to do all the staccato markings!
    3. Fix the orange pen. 
  3. Jazz Invention No. 2 (L.2 List C)

    1. Memorize
    2. Play with the metronome! 
  4. Canon by Cornelius Gurlitt (L.2 List C)

    1. Fix the ends of the slurs - let go of the note at these points!
    2. Memorize
  5. The Highlands by Christopher Norton (L.2 Etude)

    1. This needs the most work out of all your pieces.
    2. Start this practice by playing from beginning to the end. Then notice which sections need most work.
    3. "Spot" the messy sections. 
    4. Then play again from beginning to end. 
    5. Once you can play through with no mistakes, start to memorize. 

REVIEW - once a week

  1. Sonatina in C Major Op. 36 No. 1

  2. CROSBY GAUDET, ANNE: Celebration - 9/27

  3. HAYDN, FRANZ JOSEPH: German Dance in D Major, Hob. IX:22 No. .2
  4. CROSBY GAUDET, ANNE: Angelfish
  5. Swirling Leaves by Gordon A. McKinnon
  6. Detectives (Etude: Level 1)
  7. Drifting Clouds by William GIllock (Etude: Level 1)

READING (no assignment)

  1. Celebrate Piano! Lesson & Musicianship 1B

    1. Sight-read Prepare: 63, 68-69, 70, 73, 74
    2. Treat these as sight-reading assignments so if you make a mistake, don't stop. Only stop at the end and then fix the mistakes in your mind before you try again! :)

THEORY (no assignment)

  1. Level 1: Unit 3 (start with Dustin at a later lesson)