Summer 2016-2017 Lesson 3: Abigail Chen

Summer Goals

  1. Keeping a steady beat - rushing when it's easy and when you anticipate potential mistakes. 
  2. Stage presence - keep total focus until the end of the last beat of the piece. Climbed onto your bench from behind.
  3. Accents -  study a piece with accents and one with legato RH and LH
  4. Position - fix the position of your RH thumb


  1. MUSICIANSHIP HANDOUT (no assignment)

    1. Level 2: Set 3


  1. Celebrate Piano! Lesson & Musicianship 1B

    1. Sight-read Prepare: 63, 68-69, 70, 73, 74
    2. Treat these as sight-reading assignments so if you make a mistake, don't stop. Only stop at the end and then fix the mistakes in your mind before you try again! :)


  1. Technical Requirements Handout: Level 2

    1. PREPARE: E m.m, F M. at m.m., D h.m. and D m.m. 80, two notes per beat. 
      2. Keep your wrist UP, and keep your elbow relaxed.
      3. Deeper, heavier sound.  
  2. Hanon No. 1

    1. Hands together now at m.m. 126, one note per beat
      1. RH - don't slide on finger 4. Rounder fingers please!
      2. Tidy Attacks. Please be sure that both RH and LH play at the exact same time. 


  1. Canon by Cornelius Gurlitt (L.2 List C)

    1. Tidy attacks and more contrasting dynamics.  
  2. The Highlands by Christopher Norton (L.2 Etude)

    1. Be able to play with m.m. 60 per quarter note. Entire piece hands alone.
    2. Rethink ALL of your rhythm. 
    3. Keep your RH wrist up on finber 5
    4. If there is a two-note slur, you know what to do with your wrist!
  3. REVIEW - once a week

    1. Sonatina in C Major Op. 36 No. 1

    2. CROSBY GAUDET, ANNE: Celebration

    3. HAYDN, FRANZ JOSEPH: German Dance in D Major, Hob. IX:22 No. .2
    4. CROSBY GAUDET, ANNE: Angelfish
    5. Swirling Leaves by Gordon A. McKinnon
    6. Detectives (Etude: Level 1)
    7. Drifting Clouds by William GIllock (Etude: Level 1)


  1. Level 1: Unit 3 (start with Dustin at a later lesson)