2018-2019 Lesson 22 Manu Priego

Lesson Assignments

  1. Starlight by The Supermen Lovers

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h61QG4s0I3U

    2. Dustin bring Ableton computer and keyboard next week

    3. We learned the bass line and lead riff.

  2. Manu’s Composition

    1. Draw a treble clef

    2. Draw a whole note on G (line 2)

    3. Create your own music by drawing quarter notes and half notes on G, A and B

  3. Nutcracker

    1. See your new practice video

  4. Superman and the Police Man.

    1. Find a Spooky Man in the Street!

    2. Spooky Man Goes to Jail

    3. Jail Escape!

    4. Spooky Man Gets Caught Again!