Summer 2016-2017 Lesson 2: Christopher Schaaf


  1. What is the name of your exercise?


  1. Sight Reading Book

    1. Remember to try to keep with a steady beat (it can be really slow if needed!) and play through your mistakes to the very end.
    2. After you've played through once, put your hands in your lap and think about what needs to improve. Try to fix the problem spots in your mind first before you play it again.
    3. Repeat if needed!
  2. Piano Adventures Primer Level

    1. Prepare page 55, 56, 58-61
  3. Czerny Op. 823 (no assignment)


  1. Gremlins

    1. LEFT HAND:
      1. choose a small section (4 measures at a time) and study the interval direction and size. How do the notes move? Up a second? Down a third?
      2. in the same section, study the rhythm. You can ta and conduct or tap the beat, count out loud, etc. 
      3. play (VERY SLOWLY) the same section thinking about your first two steps! 
      4. Repeat if necessary.
    2. RIGHT HAND:
      1. Same steps as above.
  2. "Emo Piece" Coming Soon to a Practice Room Near You.