2019 Summer Lesson 1 - 90 min

Prepare piece (s) for recital- practice as directed, to focus on continuity. Focus on one piece and if you have the extra time and energy only, add the second, as we would like for you to have a great experience!


on bow into piece and off piano area. Head down when bowing.

2018-2019 Lesson 31 & 32a (90-m): Marina Rocha (LIZA WU)

Great job resuming Beethoven for second recital! Fix glitches in B&C sections as indicated, practice this first. Keep track of pick ups and smoothness; no random hey sounds or motions.

Hanon and Scales- resume 2 octaves w repeat as indicated, HS and HT @100 to 2-eighths, though BM. Be strong; begin w lift.

Flor- write in fingers to plays already studied; resume. Great job!

See you next SATURDAY at 1215-145p.

2018-2019 Lesson 25 & 26a(90-m): Marina Rocha (LIZA WU)


Focus on:

- focus! Keep track of where you are so that you don't need to stop or backtrack 

- work on playing continuously (without stops) between sections

-transitions are much better! They are smoother! Keep all rhythms more even and consistent.

- release thumbs to not overhold the previous chord

- in a minor section LH: use more wrist and higher elbow position; RH smoother melodic section

Focus: am section; FM section; transitional sections

Canela: find Piano Solo version- this one is for voice and piano

This version: RH /LH separately.

Bach: HUGE difference w your articulations, congrats! Nice work lightening your thumbs.

- GET THE E please! 

-similarly, the rhythm here most be more even.

-practice both repeats to not get lost here, either

2018-2019 Lesson 23b & 24 (90-m): Marina Rocha (LIZA WU)


Phrases-  taper phrases to end and start anew.FM: calmer, less LH. Match RH ornament to phrase texture of calm. Clear out  LH a minor pedal whenever it happensMelody in repeated-As section- smoother RH. Great job LH consistency. Still be one tempo; clear pedal.
Nuances; pp character when indicated. 
Practice focusing on entire piece, straight through without 'glitches'Watch thumb to start smoothly and do not overhold through note value
Really beautiful playing! When finished, end piece as it sounds. 
Bach: Same as before- lighten all thumbsListen to articulation.End all phrases; lift before all phrasesCalmer, steadier tempoMatch both hands' note lengths

Hanon first; get music pls! 

2018-2019 Lesson 19b & 20 (90-m): Marina Rocha (LIZA WU)


Gorgeous transitions! Huge changes! E- all stem from bottomFM section calmer & more sereneOrnamental turns calmer/lighter, w pedal coordination.Am section practice slower for HT smoothness. More legato RH, 3 into beat 1. Use pedal and figure how to coordinate.

-all still lighter! Shorten all beat 2-3s. Think in two bar phrases. List RH each time you start the new phrase. TY for repeats :) When trepanning, start anew.Triplet calmer.Even eighths throughout.

General: practice sections SLOWER in order to smoothen HT

Hanon: 1-6
Relax shoulders when playing; lift fingers at end of bars to make more even.
Add the other direction (play as printed, HS & HT). Play stronger, using lifted fingers. Raise elbows.
Scales: C-G-D-A-E, focus on in reverse order. HS, 2X in row
4-octaves. HS & HT- thumb under asap after playing; raise fingers v tall; relax shoulders; elbows higher/sit further back; feet firmly planted in one central position. Practice in rotation, not same order each day.

2018-2019 Lesson 18& 19a;(90-m): Marina Rocha (LIZA WU)


Huge changes! Congratulations! Everything is much more cohesive, wonderful. Go through small spots as discussed, for transitional smoothness; drill places where you get ‘stuck’.


Wonderful lightening! Lighter thumbs everywhere; lighter beats 2-3; detach cadences.

LH articulation more precise pls!

Scales: C, G, D 4-octaves, great job with sitting/posture!

Elbows slightly higher and more parallel to keyboard. Sit closer to edge of bench, move bench further away from keyboard. Goal 100,

Flor de la Canela- print two copies to start next wk

2018-2019 Lesson 16b & 17;(90-m): Marina Rocha (LIZA WU)


Nice transitions! Smooth everything as we spoke. Attn to details of character and smoothness.- no bumps, everything in character of beauty or intrigue. Watch thumb in RH, lead to down beat.

Keep track of where you are!


Elegant articulation pls! Lighter thumbs everywhere; staccato not too short; detach cadences.

LH articulation more precise pls!

Scales: C, G, D 4-octaves, figure out how to sit! Both feet definitely on floor! Elbows slightly higher and more parallel to keyboard. Sit closer to edge of bench, move bench further away from keyboard. Goal 100,

Flor de la Canela- print two copies to start next wk

2018-2019 Lesson 15 & 16A (90-min): Marina Rocha (LIZA WU)


Resume Hanon, 1-2, RH up and LH down only. Remember to lift elbows up higher at end of bar.


All sections even /same tempo

Calm transitions; keep track of transitions

Start with 'hard spots': CM section; fix E LH fingering; am section LH lighter. Practice backwards in sections as indicated. Most places are soft; LH softer.

Bach: nice contrast! 

EVERYTHING lighter- it's an elegant dance! LH same- everything lighter. The short notes are not as short as you are playing them. 

2018-2019 Lesson 14: Marina Rocha (LIZA WU)

Scales: D/A/E/B, 4-octaves  @100; sit further back; thumb under as soon as you use it

Hanon: @100, 1-4 RH up only; LH down only- emphasize wrist motion directionals

Beethoven: wonderful improvements! Please go further with all mis-concerts and smoothness/character changes; emphasize 1-pulse more; as m lyrically smooth arpeggios (try to keep smooth the RH w no crash-landing on down beat melody)
B10 more lyrical. 
Huge dim @13
24: transition smooth! 
Pedal when/why (use ear, no blurring)
32: lighter RH; HUGE character change at 36
60: do the fingering pls! (321321) 

76/77 chords- transitional to next section
78- smoother- thumb under; wrist/elbow follow through higher
81- slight emphasis on downbeat

Bach: look up videos on baroque minuets (dance); everything LIGHTER, as an actual dance; everything in one giant pulse per bar (@100;104)

2018-2019 Lesson 13: Marina Rocha (LIZA WU)

Beet, Für Elise:

Gorgeous! Nice phrasing. There could be a lot more character/sounds contrast in sections. (Ex: bar 15, CM section; then transition back into am section)

Seating: bodily position seems a hair too close to keyboard- sit further back about an inch, with weight going in toward keyboard; w bench further out (sit closer to edge of bench for both feet to be balanced)

- Discussion of strong/weak beats in 3/8, esp that first pickup into beat 1; then bar 2 elegance (no "accent" on beat 1- "land" elegantly- everything is smooth/legato)

- bass line, what to bring out in LH through RH melodic arpeggio

-character of all the different sections; legato everything

-b.60: LH As much lighter; use the 321321 fingering but angle hand taller so that you have more contact w the key. RH: (~b.65) finger so that melody can be as legato as possible

-am arpeggios in RH: sit further back; after using thumb tuck it under and raise elbow position higher as you go up, to create smoothness (and not be 'clunky'); practice all at one steady tempo to get the passage without getting 'stuck'

-*there was an extra "doodle" in the pickup before the recap- pls look over!  Also pls use LH distribution as indicated; you have lots of time between all these phrases to 'breathe'; use pedal to help connect sections which need it, when there is a large hand gap

Beethoven, Minuet in G:

-Nice! What is a 'minuet'? Pls look up several dancers dancing 'minuets' to get the elegance/character of them. 

-another discussion on strong/weak in 3/4, and what to bring out/why- overall everything lighter/more "gracious"/graceful

-ALL thumbs lighter! The final beats 2-3 are offshoots of beat 1, so MUCH lighter in all those thumbs. Place the weight of your hand closer to the outside; less on the 'thumb' sides.

-b 26 elegant finish/phrasing

-b 29 articulation & pedal 

Hanon: pls work on #1-2, HS, using a slower metronome; rhythmic lift and down-up motions indicated on your score.

Will hear scales & Hanon first next lesson (will text father Sunday am for specific time estimate, ballpark 11:45-12:30 start time)