2017-2018 Lesson 7-9: Manu Priego

Recent Lessons: 7-9

  1. Lesson 7: November 4th
  2. Lesson 8: November 12th
  3. Lesson 9: November 18th

Notes & Makeups

  1. Performance Class: November 19th, Sunday, at the DiMenna Center, Cary Hall. 
  2. Do makeup for lesson missed on October 7th. Dustin away.

Performance Class: November 19th, DiMenna Center

  1. Call of the Drum
  2. The Train 

Phone Games!

  1. Let's touch base about Treble Cat next lesson
  2. Blue Note: Are you playing the keyboard section of this game? 


  1. Look at your "special" scroll and see if you can match any of the keys with Treble Cat. Can you match the colors on the piano with the notes on the page? 

Lesson & Musicianship 1A

  1. Review Raindrops and Call of the Drum. Move on after Performance Class with new assignment at the next lesson. 

Solos 1

  1. No Assignment