2017-2018 Lesson 14 & 15: Manu Priego

*Use the "piano bag of love" to do your practicing this week! Follow the assignments on each piece of paper. 





Notes & Makeups

  1. Dustin: play Marco Polo game on piano to find lessons assignments next lesson.

Phone Games!

  1. PRACTICE: saying LA, TI, DO, RE, MI, FA, SOL, LO
    1. This is the musical alphabet moving forward or up the keyboard in Solfege!
  2. PRACTICE: saying LA, SOL, FA, MI, RE, DO, TI, LA 
    1. This it eh musical alphabet moving backward or down the keyboard in solfege!
  3. PLAY: your Blue Note app by going to the keyboard naming game.
    1. Switch the setting to "Do, Re, Mi" and practice saying and playing the names of the notes in Solfege!
    2. Call me with any questions. 


    1. This will be your first recital piece! Be able to play Level 3- both hands with Dustin
    2. Your hand position is:
      1. RH finger 2 on E, finger 3 on F, finger 4 of G.
      2. LH finger 2 on D, finger 3 on D, finger 4 on B  

Lesson & Musicianship 1A

  1. REVIEW: "Ants Go Marching!" 

Solos 1

  1. No Assignment