Summer 2016-2017 Lesson 4: Joy Chang


  1. Brown Scale Book (belongs to Joycita)

    1. Page 4: Contrary Motion Only
    2. GOAL
      1. "Close Loud"
        1. Hands alone only
        2. Strong forward attack, moving your wrist forward to release the tension. 
      2. "legato"
        1. Hands together with focus 5th finger down.
  2. Hanon No. 1

    1. "Close Loud" m.m. 60 one note per tic
      1. Hands alone, slowly
      2. 2nd RH finger is collapsed.
      3. Play more in the center of the white 
      4. LH wrist on close loud -  pop up more
    2. Legato m.m. 112 two notes per tic
      1. Don't swing right to left, but rather up and down with the wrist. 


  1. Czerny

    1. No. 8-9
      1. No. 9 - wrist LH raised with point of axis in focus
  2. Bartok

    1. Learn 6-8
      1. Think of melodic phrases - sing it! 
  3. Level 2 Repertoire Book (on loan)

    1. Sight-read at least one piece a day. 
    2. After your first attempt, review your performance and focus on one or two goals for the second attempt. 


  1. *Mozart Sonata in D Major (on loan)

    1. Learn to the end of the movement
    2. See pencil markings. 
  2. Sonatina Op 36 No. 2 in C Major by Muzio Clementi

    1. Play through to the end, then work it in chunks. 
    2. Focus on position in all 16th note passages. 
    3. No faster than m.m. 72